My first week back in Portland has been bittersweet. Of course I love seeing all of my friends, running with the Nike Elite campers and exploring the Oregon trails, but I miss the ability to summit a 14er any day of the week.

Wednesday I got up a little higher when running at Trillium Lake. I had done a tempo run the day before so I was hoping to go pretty easy and enjoy the views. I should have known that running with the top 10 high school boys and girls in the country was not going to be a slow jaunt. Those girls held their own and we knocked out a 12 miler at a pretty good pace.

Then Dave and I headed to the gorge on Saturday for a long run on some new trails. We started at Rainy Lake Trailhead, headed up Mt. Defiance, down Starvation Ridge, back up Mt. Defiance, fueled up at the car and finished the last 8 out Rainy Lake/Whatum Trail. It was gorgeous, but quite the ass kicker. We finished around 5.5 hours, 27 miles and 7000+ feet of elevation gain. We were toast.

With Squamish less than 2 weeks away, it’s taper time….again. I think I’ll be more confident about that race once I’ve rested a bit more. The past 3 weeks have been a lot of stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition. It’s definitely taken a toll on my body and I can feel the delay in my recovery time. We’ll see how these next two weeks go.